Market Research

I began my research by analyzing 5 companies that produce tuxedoes. I followed that up by sending out market surveys to a group that was represented of the target market for this line and compiled the results graphically. 

Inspiration Development

 I created the mood board for this line by looking toward the setting in which it might be used: a classy, elegant place with pops of color to add contrast to the clothing and help it to stand out. The colors, material, and atmosphere all contribute to the essence of this line. 


I made hundreds of sketches of different concepts as options for the final RESERVE line; all of which were in keeping with the inspiration for, and essence of, the line. While maintaining the desired feel, there was room for design creativity which shows through all the possible suits that were drawn. 

Design Development

From all the sketched designs, a few were chosen as representative of the line, yet diverse enough to remain unique in their own rights. Despite the striking color and design differences, the common patterns and themes wove the designs together. 

Line Plan

Using the final designs, I planned on which fabrics I would need to acquire and in which amounts. I determined which would be printed and which could be bought, along with the fabrics that corresponded to each garment. I also determined which trims would be included with each piece, such as tags, logos, and buttons. 

Digital Printing

Once I had planned the line, it was time to acquire the fabric necessary to construct the garments. The trims were sourced from local fabric stores, but the prints on many pieces were too unique to find in stores. To get these special designs, I used a digital printer to dye them into the final fabric in the same patterns that I laid out in the line plan. 


In the final stage, I cut sample pieces into the predetermined patterns to fit the models and made adjustments to each of the patterns as needed. Finally, I cut each of the prints into the new patterns and serged each individual piece, assembling each garment when it’s pieces were complete from the digital printing process.


After completing the construction of all the garments, I arranged a photoshoot to display the line. I assembled these photographs into a lookbook to show the entire line in a single physical way- to concisely display the results of the original inspiration.